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Why to use IBM SPSS Modeler?

IBM SPSS Modeler offers several key benefits that make it a valuable tool for data analysis and decision-making:

  1. Advanced Statistical Analysis: SPSS Modeler provides a wide range of advanced statistical techniques, allowing users to explore and analyze data using various methods such as regression analysis, clustering, classification, and association analysis.
  2. Machine Learning Algorithms: It offers a vast library of machine learning algorithms, enabling users to build predictive models and uncover hidden patterns in their data. These algorithms include decision trees, neural networks, support vector machines, and more.
  3. Text Analysis: SPSS Modeler includes text analytics capabilities, allowing users to analyze unstructured text data from sources such as social media, customer feedback, and surveys. This helps in understanding sentiment, extracting key insights, and making data-driven decisions.
  4. Open Source Extensibility: With SPSS Modeler's open source extensibility, users can integrate custom scripts and algorithms written in languages like Python or R, expanding the tool's functionality and flexibility to suit specific needs.
  5. Integration with Big Data: SPSS Modeler seamlessly integrates with big data platforms such as Hadoop and Spark, enabling users to analyze large and complex datasets efficiently. This ensures scalability and performance in handling massive amounts of data.
  6. Seamless Deployment into Applications: The models developed in SPSS Modeler can be easily deployed into operational systems and applications, allowing organizations to implement data-driven decision-making processes seamlessly.
  7. Wide Adoption Across Industries: SPSS Modeler is widely used across various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and telecommunications, as well as in academia and research organizations. Its popularity and proven track record make it a trusted tool for data analysis and predictive modeling.

Overall, IBM SPSS Modeler provides a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities that enable users to extract valuable insights from data, make accurate predictions, and drive better decision-making across diverse domains.

What is IBM SPSS Modeler?

SPSS Modeler is a visual data science and machine learning solution used by data scientists & analysts, for example, to:

  • Speed up operational tasks
  • Data preparation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Model management
  • Model deployment
  • Monetize data assets
  • Open-source integration including R or Python
  • Data governance(can start small, then scale to enterprise wide governed approach)

It is one of the products in SPSS Family of products.


What licensing options are available for SPSS Modeler?

IBM SPSS Modeler is available as:

  • Monthly / annual subscriptions
  • Perpetual license, in two editions
    • IBM SPSS Modeler Professional
    • IBM SPSS Modeler Gold

It is available as a part of IBM Watson Studio, where multiple open source and IBM tools can be combined together in an interactive and collaborative way.

IBM SPSS Modeler Subscription offers the capabilities you need to access and export structured data sets, without data size limits; analyse data using 40+ algorithms; and deploy the results using your desktop. It offers a flexible monthly payment option without an annual commitment, plus you can optionally add SQL optimization or text analytics capabilities.

IBM SPSS Modeler Professional software includes the tools needed to leverage your structured data such as behaviours and interactions, tracked in your CRM systems, demographics, purchasing behaviour and sales data—in a multi-user environment.

IBM SPSS Modeler Gold software goes beyond the analysis of structured data to include unstructured data such as web activity, blog content, customer feedback, emails, articles and more to create more accurate predictive models. It adds the ability to build and deploy predictive models directly into business processes to enable people or systems to make the right decisions each time. It combines predictive analytics with rules, scoring and optimization within an organisation’s processes and operational systems to deliver recommended actions at the point of impact. It also allows you to leverage IBM Watson Studio Desktop (included with SPSS Modeler Gold as a separate download) and Watson Machine Learning Server (sold separately) to combine the best of both visual modelling and open source tools.



SPSS Modeler Features

SPSS Modler Features at a GlanceSubscriptionProfessionalGold
Flexible pricing with flat monthly fee based on number of usersYesNoNo
Easily extract insights from your data without programmingYesYesYes
Apply previously created models to multiple data setsYesYesYes
Prepare, blend, explore, and model your data within minutes right on your PC or MacYesYesYes
Extend your analysis with Python and R extensionsYesYesYes
Keep your data on your desktop or connect to a variety of remote databasesYesYesYes
Connect to SPSS Modeler Server (sold separately) for data analysis and modeling of large data setsYesYes
Text analytics analysis and language identifierAddonNoYes
Easy deployment and sharing of analytics via IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment ServicesYesNoYes
New graphics node with dozens of additional chart optionsYesNoYes
SQL Pushback to push compute of SPSS Modeler to the database instead of waiting to run locallyAddonNoYes
Multi-user environmentNoYesYes

Note: The above information is based on interpretation of the available information in IBM website. Please consult us for the latest features.