Unistat Price

Unistat Price

Unistat offers statistical data analysis through both a comprehensive stand-alone interface supporting data workbench tasks and a powerful Excel Add-in mode enhancing Microsoft Excel's analytical capacities. Contact us for the Unistat software at an affordable price.


Unistat Price and Licensing Options

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You can download the Standard Edition of Unistat as well as the Light Edition. These are fully functional programs but will run only with the supplied data files until you purchase a license. After purchasing a license for the product, you can obtain a serial number and an activation code from us . In evaluation mode you can use Unistat as an Excel add-in or as an independent statistical analysis program.
You can reproduce the examples given in the documentation, send the output to Excel, Word or generate reports for print or web publication. In stand-alone mode, you can import your own data files into Unistat’s spreadsheet, but cannot analyse or save them.

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