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What is Minitab Healthcare Module?

Minitab Healthcare ModuleMinitab statistical software has multiple add-ons to the basic original software. The healthcare module is designed by standardise and ease the process of monitoring and improving common healthcare KPIs.

Few application areas:

  • Improve healthcare operations and processes
  • Save money, and maximise the utilisation of healthcare facilities
  • Maximise people productivity
  • Improve patient wait time
  • Analyse survey results to improve patient satisfaction
  • Analyse adverse events to prevent harm to patients


Minitab Healthcare - Patient wait time

Familiar Terminology

Written with healthcare professionals in mind, Minitab's Healthcare Module provides guided data analysis in commonly-used and understood healthcare terms. Shift your focus to improving key performance indicators (KPIs) like wait time, costs, utilization, patient safety, and patient satisfaction without worrying about which analysis to use.

Minitab Healthcare length of stay

Proven Performance

After years in school and training, learning statistics might not be on the top of any healthcare professional's to-do list. For nearly 50 years, Minitab Statistical Software has been a leading, proven data analysis solution that has been used and trusted by organizations and providers around the world.

Minitab Healthcare reduce patient fall

On-Demand Assistance

Minitab is with you every step of your analysis. Information icons connect you to support pages written in healthcare terminology with specific healthcare examples.