Analytics consulting services

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How can Analytics services help?

We help businesses strategies data capture, establish relationship between real-time as well as laggard data and KPIs, make sense of existing data and discover new insights. We aid decision makers with professional insights that matters, like:

  • Taking strategic business decisions
  • Manage day-to-day operations more efficiently
  • Maximize results from from limited resources
  • Design and test hypothesis /experiments of what's working for your business and customers
  • Predictive modeling to help build an agile & efficient supply chain
  • Build & test AI driven models and use cases

We can help you apply analytics throughout your organization, where decision makers can have on-demand access to the not just data, but also "data stories", "drill down dashboards", "recommendations" and "action alerts" for easy and quick decision making / actions. We can help build live analytics engine that works 24X7 behind the scene, and rule based mechanisms to alert the right stakeholders for prompt actions or decisions.

Why chose us?

We are a team of data-scientists and analysts, led by IITian founders who have decades of rich experience at leadership positions in reputed data-driven organizations like Amazon, ITC Ltd, Bank of America & City Bank.

  • We understand the value of "precise, actionable insights"
  • We have the gotten our hands dirty doing things from scratch.
  • We have experience in using / implementing proprietary BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, Cognos, MicroStrategy, SPSS, Minitab
  • For a cost effective solution, we maximize and promote usage of opensource packages like  python Pandas & R.

The best part, we offer a free initial consultation.

Extended help in your Analytics Journey

Apart from offering consulting services, we also offer:

  • Sourcing, licensing, implementation and training of world class analytical and statistical tools
  • We can build custom software for your specific needs with analytics embedded in to your flow.
  • We offer business transformation and change management consulting services to help you implement things on ground.

In essence, we would like to "partner you" in your success journey.