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Total command of your production workflow

Achieve seamless integration of production planning and shop floor operations with ERPNext. Streamline customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting for real-time coordination across all facets of your business.

Bill of material (BOM)

A bill of materials (BOM) is a detailed list of raw materials, components, and instructions required to manufacture or repair a product. Typically presented in a hierarchical structure, it begins with the finished product at the top level and breaks down into individual components and materials at the bottom level.

Shop floor management

Using ERPNext's job cards, operations, and workstations functionalities, you can effortlessly record day-to-day activities on your shop floor. Monitor the live progress of manufacturing operations, track workstation locations, manage employee assignments, and stay informed about the current status and pending steps of each work order—all conveniently displayed on a single screen..


Streamline Your Outsourcing Processes with ERPNext Subcontracting Feature and enhance operational efficiency? ERPNext offers a powerful subcontracting feature designed to simplify the management of suppliers, raw materials, and operations. Here's how ERPNext can benefit your business.

  • Efficient Supplier Management
  • Accurate Valuation of Finished Goods
  • Enhanced Focus on Core Business Operations
  • Optimal Resource Utilization
  • Capital Expenditure Reduction
  • Flexible Contract Durations
  • Business Productivity Optimization

Item variants

Consider a scenario where you manufacture smartphones with various storage capacities and colors. It becomes essential to monitor each specific smartphone model along with its variations, referred to as item variants. In ERPNext, the core smartphone model is stored as an item template, and each variation, such as different storage capacities or colors, is recorded as an item variant. Any attribute, such as screen size or camera specifications, can be stored for each smartphone variant.

Batched inventory

Discover the streamlined approach to batched item management through ERPNext's integrated inventory system. This solution provides a real-time overview of product availability, meticulously capturing manufacturing dates, expiration dates, and other vital details for each batch. Effortlessly navigate your stock by scanning item barcodes using your device camera, empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions with precision and ease. Experience the unique efficiency of ERPNext in enhancing your inventory management processes.

Serialized inventory

Effortlessly manage serialized inventory with ERPNext. Use naming series for automatic serial number generation. Simplify stock searches by scanning item barcodes with your device camera. Streamline inventory control with ERPNext's user-friendly features.

Material resource planning

Manufacturers use ERPNext's MRP to smartly handle materials for efficient production. It ensures the right inventory levels, aligning production with customer demand. Whether it's a work order or material request, ERPNext gives a clear view of your MRP. Keep track of material usage in serialized or batched inventory, saving costs and minimizing waste.

Capacity planning

Efficient cost monitoring lays the foundation for scalable growth, improved customer service, heightened profitability, enhanced efficiency, and increased capacity. Seamlessly navigate these pathways to success as you meticulously track and reduce costs, scale with ease, prioritize customer satisfaction, and boost overall productivity and profitability.

Multiple Units of Measure

Effortlessly customize your material measurements with our system's support for multiple units of measure. Set up conversion factors in the Item master for seamless handling of sales, purchase, and stock transactions, allowing you to measure materials exactly as you need without any limitations. Experience precision and flexibility in your inventory management.

Quick stock balance

Utilize your stock auditing process with the Quick Stock Balance report. Reconcile warehouse inventory with system records effortlessly by scanning barcodes with any device—no need for a dedicated barcode scanner. Streamline your counting procedures for accurate and efficient stock management.

Stock replenishment

In the realm of inventory management, ERPNext excels at ensuring timely and efficient stock replenishment. Here's how it works:

  1. Reorder Level Monitoring
  1. Automatic Material Requests
  1. Timely Replenishment:
  1. Reduced Stock Exhaustion Risks:

In essence, ERPNext empowers businesses with a proactive and streamlined approach to stock replenishment. By leveraging technology to monitor reorder levels and automate material requests, businesses can enhance efficiency, minimize manual effort, and maintain an uninterrupted supply chain.

On-the-Fly Customizations with ERPNext

In the fast-paced landscape of business, the ability to adapt swiftly is crucial. ERPNext facilitates dynamic on-the-fly customizations, empowering businesses to tailor their operations in real-time.

  • Flexibility at Your Fingertips
  • Real-Time Optimization
  • Immediate Implementation
  • Tailored to Your Workflow
  • Stay Ahead of Changes

Embrace the power of on-the-fly customizations with ERPNext, and experience a level of flexibility that keeps your operations agile and ready for whatever comes your way.

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Manufacturing Excellence Across Industries

Furniture Manufacturers

ERP solutions can help your furniture manufacturing company. Improve operational efficiency and establish seamless coordination across production, inventory, and beyond. Enhance your craftsmanship with the accuracy and control provided by ERP designed specifically for furniture producers.

Metal Fabrication Manufacturers

Make metal fabrication easier with ERPNext. It streamlines operations, improves production efficiency, and manages resources seamlessly from design to delivery. With tailored tools, it ensures precision and growth at every step. Let ERPNext handle your manufacturing, making manual data management a thing of the past and allowing you to create long-lasting precision-cut machinery

Electronics Manufacturers

Specialized ERP software designed for the manufacturing industry is an ideal solution for Electronic Manufacturing companies. Integrated with crucial modules, it efficiently serves the industry's manufacturing processes. Intelligently handle complexities, from serializing electronic accessories to managing material movements, and elevate your operations in the electronics business.

Rubber Products Manufacturers

From batch tracking to resource management, ERP brings efficiency, accuracy, and growth to your rubber manufacturing processes.

Plastic Products Manufacturers

Elevate your plastic products manufacturing with ERP. Enhance production, optimize inventory, and gain real-time insights for enhanced efficiency and competitiveness in the industry.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Direct your attention to crafting top-quality devices, leaving the task of recording all pertinent details in the cloud to ERPNext.

Chemical Manufacturers

Boost productivity, streamline your supply chain, and expedite the distribution of your chemicals to both distributors and consumers. ERPNext is designed with integrated inventory support, providing a comprehensive solution to manage your manufacturing, suppliers, and customers all within a single software platform.

Food Manufacturers

Food manufacturing is complicated, whether it's quality assurance tests, fluctuating food prices, or eco-friendly packaging. ERPNext will assist you in outperforming the competition.

Textile Product Manufacturers

Efficiently streamline your textile production with ERP-enabled solutions. Our Textile Product Manufacturers leverage ERP technology for seamless operations from design to delivery. Elevate your manufacturing efficiency with real-time insights, precision, and quality control. Choose us for a smarter, more streamlined future in textile production.

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Streamline your accounting processes with ERP, ensuring precision and efficiency in financial management. Experience seamless integration and real-time insights for a smarter approach to your business finances


Optimize your HR and payroll processes with our integrated solutions, ensuring efficient workforce management and accurate payroll processing. Experience the ease of streamlined human resources and payroll functionalities for a seamless and error-free employee management experience.


Harness the benefits of ERP in manufacturing, streamlining operations for increased efficiency and reduced costs, maintaining multilevel bill of materials. With real-time data insights and centralized control, optimize production processes to elevate overall business performance.

Sales & Purchase

Boost efficiency and reduce expenses by overseeing the entire sales and purchase cycle, from procurement to sales orders. Enhance productivity through comprehensive management of your business processes.


Secure and maintain customer loyalty through the optimization of the sales process. Effortlessly monitor leads, opportunities, and send quotes on the fly for enhanced business efficiency.


Successfully complete both internal and external projects within deadlines, budget constraints, and with optimal profitability. Monitor project tasks, timesheets, and address issues seamlessly through dedicated tracking.


Enhance customer support efficiency with ERP-integrated helpdesk solutions. Streamline ticket management, track customer issues, and provide timely assistance, ensuring a seamless and responsive helpdesk experience.

Asset Management

Facilitating efficient tracking of movements, value adjustments, and depreciation. Streamline the process to ensure accurate and organized management of your assets.


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