Stat Ease 360 Price

Stat Ease PriceStat Ease 360 is a more robust iteration of Design expert and additionally includes space-filling designs and Python capabilities at an affordable price. Contact us for the Stat Ease 360 software at an affordable price.


Stat Ease 360 Price and Licensing Options

Licensing OptionsSubscription PeriodNumber of UsersPriceFeatures
Stat Ease 360 Subscription1 yearSingle$ 1400New Version Upgrades

Email Support

Maintenance Updates
Stat Ease 360 Standard Network1 yearOn-premises Floating License$ 2580+Multiple floating seats

Maintenance Updates

New Version Upgrades

Email Support


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) What is a Floating License?

Answer 1) While in operation, Stat-Ease 360 will establish communication with a license manager to secure a seat. The software can be installed on a multitude of workstations; however, simultaneous usage is limited to 3, 5, or 10 users, depending on the chosen configuration.

Question 2) What updates are included?

Answer 2) All licenses are entitled to receive maintenance releases (for example, from 13.0.0 to 13.0.1). Subscription licenses will additionally grant access to upcoming major program versions.

Question 3) What support is included?

Answer 3) Support via email is accessible to all licenses, typically yielding responses within the same business day, with a maximum of 2 business days. Support is available during business hours from 8:00 to 4:30 Central Time.