Digital Statistical Process Control

Digital SPC is a modern-age adoption of the time tested Statistical Process Control using digital technologies. With Digital SPC, we get the power of the profound statistical discretion between common cause and special causes in a process in an automated way. Traditional SPC happened on paper charts, required operators to be carefully trained on how to calculate the limits, averages and ranges, and handicapped with the ability of operators and supervisors to manually "spot" the special cause trends.  SPC in the modern-era has become simpler, easier and more powerful - as the responsibility of the heavy lifting of calculations and interpretation can be offloaded to the algorithms running in the background.

In summary, Digital SPC:

  • Is easier to implement and more effective than manual SPC
  • Reduces process variation, and eliminates the need of guess work in "setting adjustments"
  • Delivers better stability and process capability
  • Alerts out of control condition to multiple-stake holders, and not just the operator on the shop floor
  • Is IIoT ready, to interact directly with machines, electronic gauges, and process characteristics


Online SPC  vs Offline SPC

The objective of SPC was always to take "immediate action" and prevent defects to be generated in the first place. However, the traditional SPC required the operators to take on the additional responsibility of "doing the math" every 30 minutes or so. Not every organization had the inclination, or the kind of resource to enable such an expectation. Hence, majority of companies in the past used to collect the periodic data, and used tools like Mintab statistical software, or excel spreadsheets to do an offline "SPC analysis" of historical data.

While offline SPC analysis did throw up trends and insights to improve the process in the long term, this approach couldn't prevent bad quality to getting generated. It takes away the key power of SPC of "immediate identification" of out of control situation - which helps investigate the assignable cause.

The modern approach to SPC is Digital Online SPC. Online SPC turbocharges the time tested statistical method with powerful technologies that builds live charts, alerts, and systems to enable continuous process improvement.

Why Factonity for Digital SPC?

Factonity is founded by a team that has a rare combination of:

  • Practical in-depth understanding of the manufacturing shop floor, including SPC
  • Strong expertise in modern-age software development, ERP and MES implementation
  • Has system integration capabilities to solve your unique requirement.

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