Minitab Predictive Analytics Module

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What is Minitab Predictive Analytics Module?

Minitab statistical software has multiple add-ons to the basic statistical software. The predictive analytics module is designed for data scientists and advances analysts to "predict" the results or future based on past data.

Tools in predictive analytics module:

  • Discover best model – Binary response
  • Discover best model – Continuous response
  • CART Classification
  • TreeNet Classification
  • Random Forest Classification
  • CART regression
  • TreeNet regression
  • Random Forest regression



Minitab Predictive analytics 1Advanced Analytics

Boost your analytical power with best-in-class, accurate machine learning algorithms that provide deeper insights into your data.

Minitab Predictive analytics 2Automated Machine Learning

Easily confirm you're using the best predictive model to answer your question with Automated Machine Learning. Perfect for those new to predictive analytics who need recommendations and experts looking for a second opinion.

Minitab predictive analytics 3

Proprietary Algorithms

Powerful, award-winning and unique machine learning methods, TreeNet Gradient Boosting and Random Forests, are included in the module.