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What is True LIMZ?

The integrated billing management module within True LIMZ is a pivotal asset within the daily operations of both commercial and public test laboratories that provide analytical services. Virtually every aspect, starting from sample reception to sample disposal, is meticulously monitored and managed through True LIMZ. Furthermore, all of our laboratory facilities adhere to the same standardized LIMS system.

  • Managing a public/commercial laboratory service involves more than just completing procedures accurately and on time.
  • After acquiring sample records, conducting tests, and compiling results, clients need to pay for the services.
  • Billing in the modern testing/analytical services landscape can be as time-consuming and labor-intensive as other laboratory tasks.
  • True LIMZ solution allows laboratories to interface directly with their billing systems from their laboratory information management system.
  • This integration leads to increased efficiency and significant cost savings.
  • True LIMZ stores all client quotes and billing information, including contract pricing, discounts, turnaround surcharges, and special client billing requirements.
  • This ensures accurate billing based on quotes and contracts.

Salient Features

Some salient features of True-LIMZ at a glance:

  • Master data planning and entry
  • Recording pertinent information regarding various raw materials, packaging materials, intermediates, bulk substances, etc., within the product master.
  • Test master (pre-shipped with OasisLIMS)
  • Reports: Material master, Vendor master, Test master
  • Creating a connection between a product, its corresponding tests outlined in the monograph, and the necessary test methods for conducting these tests.
  • Report: Specifications - RMs / FPs / PMs / Intermediates / Bulk etc.
  • Transaction processing
    • Implementing a system for sample registration and login across diverse sample categories such as Regular, Retest, R & D, Pre-shipment, etc.
    • Automating the generation of AR (Analytical Request) numbers for various sample categories.
    • Facilitating the entry of received quantities in multiple pack sizes or containers.
    • Enabling data entry according to a sampling plan, which includes handling multiple lots and assays, as well as calculating the mean result for the certificate of analysis.
  • Labels printing
  • Report: Certificates pending for printing
    • Sample registers RMs / FPs / Rejection / PMs etc. for different sample categories
    • Sample status reports
    • Laboratory data
    • QC productivity report
    • Analyst performance report
  • Retention Sample Management
    • Testing for all properties conducted
    • A portion of the sample reserved for retention
    • Retention sample stored for a specific duration
    • Maintenance of retention sample information facilitated by LIMS add-on functions

Billing and Accounts /Sales Statements

The Billing and Accounts/Sales Statements system offers comprehensive functionality for managing billing processes. It allows users to define product testing rates for each party and automatically applies these rates when processing bills. The system can generate bills with user-defined themes, including options for entering discounts and calculating service tax. Users can easily view and update bills using various search criteria and can print bills in their preferred format, whether on pre-printed or ordinary stationary, with support for dot matrix and desk jet/laser printers. Additionally, the system facilitates receipt tracking, enabling users to search for bill details and generate monthly account statements. Outstanding reports can also be generated to include previous dues, current billing amounts, and receipts. Furthermore, the system offers the flexibility to export reports in multiple industry-standard formats like Excel, PDF, HTML, RTF, and TEXT for seamless information exchange with other software systems.

Product Party Rate

A feature allows you to input testing rates for individual products for each party, and the rates specified through this option will automatically appear as the default when generating invoices.

Bill Processing

The system includes samples processed on the billing date, categorized by the party. It can be customized to generate a billing number according to a user-defined theme. Discounts for individual bills can be input, and the system can automatically calculate and assess service tax.

Bill View/Update facility

The billing system offers a feature that allows users to search for detailed bill information using various descriptive criteria such as Bill Number, Date, and Client. Additionally, it provides the capability to zoom in on the bill voucher to review the specifics, make necessary amendments if required, and ultimately generate a printable version.

Bills Printing / Pending Bills

Bills can be generated in a format of the user's choice, with the option to print them on pre-printed stationery or regular paper. The system offers high-speed bill printing using a dot matrix printer to efficiently handle large jobs, or you can create professional-looking bills using a deskjet or laser printer. Additionally, there is a separate report available that provides information on bills that are pending for billing.

  • Receipts
    • A module is available for inputting receipts corresponding to invoices generated for a client's account, enabling the tracking of payment receipts. The system offers a search feature for locating invoice details based on different descriptors like Bill Number, Date, and Client. Additionally, there is a provision to zoom in on the invoice voucher to thoroughly review its particulars.
  • Monthly Accounts Statements
    • You can access a monthly report that contains a comprehensive record of all transactions involving a specific party for the month. Additionally, you have the option to generate a client's ledger account statement in a specified format for a particular timeframe.
  • Outstanding Statement
    • You have the option to create a detailed outstanding report that includes past outstanding balances, the current billing amount, receipts, and the total amount due as of a specific date.
  • Export Reports
    • The system can generate reports in a variety of industry-standard formats, including Excel, PDF, HTML, RTF, and TEXT, making it suitable for users who need to exchange information with different software systems. These reports can be exported online to meet their specific requirements.

Standard Workflow

It begins with the generation of inquiries, followed by the confirmation of feasibility studies. Then, quotations are provided, and a test request form (TRF) is initiated. Sample registration and allocation occur on a departmental basis, along with the determination of sampling quantities. Subsequently, sample labels and group worksheets are created, and observations and results are recorded. Approvals from the laboratory department and quality assurance (QA) are obtained before certificates of analysis (CoA) are printed and released for invoicing. The process also includes sample tracking and the generation of various reports. Finally, the workflow culminates in the invoicing module and the preparation of sales statements and reports.

Enquiry Generation

  • New sample enquiries received
  • Registration process
  • Reference number assignment
  • Sample test requirements collection
  • Prospective customers or prospects

Feasibility Studies Confirmation

  • Sample inquiries are forwarded to multiple lab departments.
  • Each lab department specializes in specific test analysis.
  • The purpose is to assess the feasibility of conducting the analysis.
  • Approvals are sought based on the test feasibility assessments.


  • Test feasibility received from respective departments
  • Case advances to the commercials stage
  • Quotations are prepared for enquired samples
  • Quotations are broken down by test type, group tests, and specifications

TRF (Test request form) / Sample Receipts

  • Samples received trigger the creation of a Test Request Form (TRF).
  • The TRF is prepared based on quotations.
  • Multiple quotation references from a client can be incorporated during this process.
  • Confirmations of other terms and conditions (T/C) and agreements are also included in the TRF.
  • Completing the TRF results in automatic sample registration.
  • Each registered sample is assigned a unique identification number for individual analysis.

Sample Registration

  • Direct sample registration option is provided.
  • Allows selection of sample, client, and tests based on standard specifications.
  • Offers the ability to allocate additional tests.
  • Supports inclusion of other references related to the sample.
  • Provides the option to select a CoA report from a custom-designed format (pre-configured CoA).

Sample Allocation / Sampling Quantities

  • Sample allocation: Automated assignment to department head
  • Resource allocation: Department head responsible for assigning resources
  • Sample quantities: Details provided with the allocation
  • Test allocation: Department head assigns tests to qualified analysts
  • Processing jobs: Analysts carry out tests for their assigned samples

Sample Labels / Group Worksheets

  • Generate barcoded labels for sample tests allocation.
  • Create group worksheets that list all the tests for a specific department's samples.
  • Indicate the tests to be performed on each sample within the department.

Reading Observations and Results Entry

  • Analysis of test data
  • Compilation of observations
  • Submission of results entries
  • Approval process at department level

Lab Department Approvals

  • Results are reviewed by the lab department head.
  • Approval of results is granted by the lab department head.
  • Electronic signature attachment is an optional feature for approval.

QA Approvals

  • Sample processing completion triggers QA department involvement
  • QA department may conduct 2/3 optional steps
  • Optional steps include review, authorization, and approval
  • Final results can be electronically signed if desired

CoA, Printing and Releasing sample

  • Custom-designed reporting forms for CoA can be printed as needed.
  •  ES (Electronic Signature) can be included beneath the printed CoA.
  • CoA can also be sent via email.
  • CoA is now ready to be invoiced to the relevant party, marked as pending.

Sample Tracking and Other reports

  • Multiple reports are accessible for monitoring sample status.
  • These reports provide information on sample processing.
  • They offer insights into various aspects of sample status and handling.

Invoicing Module

  • Samples processed are opened for billing at this stage.
  • Provision for quotation details is available when preparing invoices for quick references.
  • Invoices can be generated and sent via email or printed after obtaining proper authorizations.

Sales Statements and Reporting

  • Sales summaries and periodic reports are accessible.
  • These reports include all billing transactions for a specific party.
  • They provide comprehensive details on each transaction.
  • Account statements can be generated for clients.
  • These statements follow a specific format.
  • The statements cover a particular duration.

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