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What is Out of Specification (OOS) Software?

The MasterControl Quality Management System (QMS) enables effortless adherence through its handling of products that fall outside the specified parameters.

  • The interconnected OOS software facilitates compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and ISO standards.
  • Regulated manufacturers must adhere to current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) which entail following specifications defining product parameters.
  • In instances where a product is found to be out-of-specification (OOS), a company is obligated to conduct an investigation and meticulously record the findings.

Why Out of Specification (OOS) Software?

An out-of-specification (OOS) event doesn't occur in isolation. Hence, we link it to all of your quality procedures.

  • Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA)

    • OOS can indicate underlying issues
    • CAPA might be needed for correction/prevention
    • CAPA form initiated from OOS product
    • Reduces human error
    • Ensures continuity
  • Audit Management

    • Importance of effective OOS (Out of Specification) management for compliance
    • Documentation presentation during audits for OOS cases
    • Integration of audit management system with Quality Management System (QMS)
    • User-friendly access to required information for auditors
    • Timely availability of necessary data for audits.
  • Document Control

    • OOS (Out of Specification) process involves recording, investigating, and resolving.
    • Involves documentation and approvals.
    • Challenge with physical paper-based approach.
    • Better solution: Document control system integration.
    • Features needed: Automated routing, delivery, escalation, approval..
  • Correct an OOS During Manufacturing

    • Tension between quality and manufacturing due to events like OOS
    • In-line quality event management alleviates this tension
    • MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence offers a solution
    • OOS during manufacturing fixed without process slowdown.
  • The Perks of Platform Quality Event Management

    • Product life cycle consists of multiple phases: quality and manufacturing, product development, clinical, regulatory, supplier, and postmarket.
    • Platform-based quality event management tools are effective throughout these phases.
    • A major benefit of a unified cloud-based quality event management software is its constant audit-readiness.
    • Predefined value choices guarantee data completeness and accuracy.
    • Documentation remains clear and accessible even remotely.

Out of Specification (OOS) Software Dealer/Reseller

Factonity Systems Pvt Ltd is a full service dealer & reseller of Out of Specification (OOS) Software. Apart from software licensing, we also provide authentic software training, local technical support and statistical consulting.

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Who uses Out of Specification (OOS) Software?

MasterControl is utilized by global clients to mechanize fundamental business procedures. The out-of-specification product collaborates seamlessly with the remaining Quality Management System (QMS) to accelerate compliance procedures and hasten time-to-market.

Which industries use Out of Specification (OOS) Software?

Leading corporations utilize MasterControl's OOS Software. Below are a few industries that leverage the capabilities of MasterControl's OOS Software:

  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology Research
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Chemical Manufacturing

Out of Specification (OOS) Software - MasterControl