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What is Oasis-DMS?

Oasis-DMS serves as an Enterprise Document Management (EDM) platform designed to facilitate the creation, acquisition, administration, distribution, and archival of documents and content.

  • Oasis-DMS seamlessly integrates with OasisLIMS, a Laboratory Information Management System.
  • It facilitates smooth collaboration, communication, and sharing within and outside the Enterprise.
  • The collaborative features of DMS (Documents Management System) encompass the entire electronic document life cycle execution
    • Manufacturing procedures
    • STP
    • SOP
    • Calibrations
    • Specifications
    • Safety documents, etc.
    • It streamlines the task of acquiring and overseeing document data by offering an extensive set of editing tools.

Oasis-DMS records manager / collaborative workflow

DMS integration within LIMS streamlines the process of capturing, editing, and managing documents and content within a comprehensive suite.

  • Folders Management
    • Folders Creation
    • Sub-folders
    • Efficient Organization of Documents
    • MS Like Native - files management system
  • Documents
    • Creation of Documents
    • User defined Header / footer parameters under standard templates
    • Built-in word processor capabilities
    • Document Categories
  • Import Existing Documents, no need to re-create
    • Upload documents directly
    • Capturing files with comprehensive tools
    • Preserved formatting
    • AS_IS
    • Huge saving in time and efforts
  • Approvals and Authorization
    • Configurable Review
    • Approval levels
    • Incorporation of e-Signatures
    • Provision for marking and repeated revision
    • Document life-cycle – draft to final
  • Controlled Access
    • Storage in database
    • Access to documents controlled
    • Control on the basis of documents category
    • Configurable docs access to a user/or a group
  • Publishing and Distribution
    • Docs publishing in .PDF format
    • Circulation of docs controlled
    • Documents Viewer
    • View Only
    • Control copies printing
    • Provision for barcodes printing
  • Version Controls on Revisions
    • Provision for version controls
    • Next Reviews
    • Change control reference / revision reason
    • Access to historical data / files
  • Integration
    • Integrated with LIMS
    • QMS Integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications

OasisLIMS Integrated DMS - Document Management Module

An integrated document and data management module within LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) streamlines the capture of documents and data using a comprehensive set of tools, representing a significant stride towards managing STP/SOP information electronically, thus eliminating the need for paper-based documentation.

  • Lab generates a substantial amount of information, posing an organization challenge.
  • Lab management needs to address issues related to access control.
  • QA department and scientists play a crucial role in managing STP's, SOP's, and other documents.
  • The primary concept for a DMS in a lab is the implementation of electronic document management.
  • E-document management helps segregate published and non-published documents.
  • Effective document management within a laboratory environment necessitates, at the very least, the implementation of correct procedures for the following occurrences:
    • Version control
    • Change control
    • Document view
    • Distribution (published, un-published)
  • Document Management Link in OasisLIMS is a feature for handling various controlled documents.
  • It facilitates the management of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), STP's (Standard Testing Procedures), Safety documentation, Calibration Procedures, and Specifications (MOA - Method of Analysis), among others.
  • OasisLIMS utilizes Document Management Link for these activities.
  • It is possible to link documents from such applications as
    • Microsoft Office (.doc/.docx) Text Files
    • ASCII Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Role of Oasis DMS - Document Management in a Laboratory Environment

Effective management of documents within a laboratory environment necessitates, at the very least, the implementation of correct protocols for the following activities: Version Control, Change Control, Document Management, Authorization, and Distribution. The Document Management Link can serve as a feature within a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to oversee various controlled document types, including but not limited to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), safety records, and product specifications. Moreover, it offers the capability to establish connections with documents originating from diverse applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, ASCII, images, and scanned files.

  • Current regulatory requirements demand electronic record management for labs.
  • Electronic record management includes storing analyte results data and analysis-related information.
  • This information encompasses chromatograms, spectra, raw data files, and more.
  • Labs generate a vast amount of data, posing a challenge for effective organization and retrieval during audits.
  • Analysts must accurately store and catalog their results and reports.
  • Historically, paper printing was the norm, leading to storage and tracking problems.
  • Sharing data with other user groups was difficult, causing valuable information to be isolated.
  • Oasis LIMS - DMS module primarily focuses on storing and retrieving various specifications and procedures.
  • It can import data from industry standard formats like ASCII text and MS-Word.
  • The module also supports SOP aging, versioning, and revision tracking.

Documents Management System Oasis LIMS