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What is Training Management Software?

Ensure that regulatory compliance is not compromised by any deficiencies in employee training.

  • This software significantly enhances your employee training program.
  • Automation of all training tasks, including routing, tracking, follow-up, and escalation.
  • Mitigates the risk of compliance issues arising from inadequate employee training.

Why Training Management Software?

Address difficulties related to employee training:

  • Automatic Tracking and Follow-up

    • Inform employees about training requirements.
    • Employees report completion of training.
    • Manual tracking, follow-up, and escalation prone to errors.
    • Training scheduling software automates coordination tasks.
  • Connect Document Updates to Training

    • Process changes necessitate document updates and new training.
    • Linking documentation and training maintains current employee procedure training.
    • Prevents staff from working with outdated SOPs, manuals, and documents.
  • Laboratories Stay Ahead of Compliance Audits and Inspections

    • No need to worry about CGLP training being current.
    • This software ensures up-to-date training data and documents.
    • Centralized storage for easy retrieval.
    • Always prepared for audits and inspections.
  • Comply With FDA CGMP Training

    • The U.S. FDA's CGMPs exist to guarantee safe and quality products for consumers.
    • Employee training is crucial for maintaining quality.
    • This system supports employees in their FDA CGMP training, aiding their success.
  • Stay Current With Quality Process Training

    • Keeping staff updated with quality process training requires significant effort but is vital for compliance.
    • This system handles all training administration tasks.
    • This frees up training coordinators to concentrate on developing efficient programs that maintain employee qualifications.
  • Simplify ISO Training

    • ISO standards demand employee ISO training & documentation
    • Non-compliance risk without full employee training completion
    • MasterControl automates ISO training processes
    • Automation includes routing, tracking, and follow-up
    • Aims to prevent oversight on the path to ISO certification

Training Management Software Dealer/Reseller

Factonity Systems Pvt Ltd is a full service dealer & reseller of Training Management Software. Apart from software licensing, we also provide authentic software training, local technical support and statistical consulting.

Please contact us for:

  • Latest Training Management Software pricing information / quotation
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  • Lean Six Sigma + Training Management Software bundled training with licensed of demo software
  • Post sales local technical support

Who uses Training Management Software?

This software significantly enhances your employee training program by automating various training tasks. These tasks encompass everything from routing and monitoring to follow-up and escalation. The software ensures that your compliance is never compromised due to incomplete employee training.

Which industries use Training Management Software?

Leading corporations utilize this software. Below are a few industries that leverage the capabilities of this software:

  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology Research
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Training Management Software - MasterControl