Minitab inbuilt guide – Minitab Assistant

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What is Minitab Assistant?

Minitab’s Assistant feature is a flow-chart styled guide that helps users:

  • Chose the right tool for a situation
  • Analysis data correctly
  • Interpret the results

Minitab Assistant Video

Assistance Guidance

Pick the appropriate statistical tool.

The Assistant outlines the process for choosing the right analysis.

Assistance SupportStep by step guidance

An interactive decision tree leads you to the right statistical tool by posing a series of questions you need to answer, such as the type of data you’re working with and the objective of your analysis.

Assitant Success

Expert support

When you face a question you can’t answer, the Assistant provides the information you need to respond correctly, such as the definitions of important terms and illustrated examples that help you understand how the question relates to your own data. The Assistant provides clear guidelines for an effective analysis, including information about how to set up, collect, and enter your data, and more.

Assistant DialogsRun your analysis quickly and easily

The Assistant’s dialogs are simple to complete. Steps have been streamlined and the text that accompanies the input fields is accessible and direct. Fields will even dynamically change based on your input.

Assistant Interpret

Interpret your results with confidence:

The Assistant provides a series of reports that help you understand your analysis. Clear graphs and concise results give you the insight you need to make decisions you can trust.