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For an affordable multi-user statistical software designed for Lean Six Sigma implementation

What is Zometric Statistical Software

Zometric Statistical software is a browser based statistical software designed to help companies ease the learning and implementation of frequently used statistical tools for general purpose analysis and lean six sigma implementations.

Zometric Statistical tools are API driven, which means they are extensible for applications like:

  • Connecting to external databases, and custom / automated dashboards.
  • From simple aggregation to complex statistical analysis --all in one place.
  • Backend/ automated "monitoring" based on statistical conditions and alert mechanism.
  • Live reporting and interactive visualization, all at one place.
  • There is no need to use costly data visualization software.


What licensing options are available for Zometric Statistical software

Zometric Statistical Software is available as:

  • Annual subscriptions & 3 year subscriptions.
  • Pricing is based on concurrent login limits, and not based on total users
  • A single concurrent login license can be shared with up to 5 authorized users, at no additional cost.


Zometric Statistical Software Features

The following statistical tools are available, as on 31st Aug 2022.

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