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What is O-Link Server?

The O-Link instruments integration solution offered by Oasis is a highly customizable software tool. Its primary goal is to optimize your investments in laboratory data systems and instruments by guaranteeing the seamless and immediate transfer of resulting data to LIMS/ELN online. Furthermore, it upholds data integrity, a crucial aspect for compliance needs in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverages, and research and development-centric operations.

Paperless lab initiative

  • Integration of LIMS and CDS/Non-CDS
  • Enhanced data security and integrity
  • Streamlined workflow optimization
  • Inclusion of an integrated sample management module
  • Centralized storage for chromatograms and instrument data
  • Implementation of an instant results data visualization tool


Boosts the overall operational efficiency of both the laboratory and the entire organization. Enhances the standardization of laboratory procedures, leading to improved sample processing times and the elimination of manual data entry errors. This results in quicker, more reliable results while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Directly captures data/results from analytical instruments via RS 232 port (serial communication) or TCP-IP during reading/observation entry.
  • Ensures Data Integrity by automatically maintaining instrument logs and raw data in electronic format.
  • Captures the CDS (Chromatography Data System) output, including both results and sample test data, from file-based output.
  • Allows for direct database access from the CDS server to capture results of samples processed in a sequence.
  • Supports user-defined test methods for performing further calculations on intermediate results.
  • Maintains all raw data information as a central repository in the O-Link server for future reference during audits or inspections.

Standard Execution

Records the sample within the Core O-Link sample management module and seamlessly annotates particular tests in O-Link to facilitate the gathering of data from Instruments utilizing either a serial port (RS 232) or an Ethernet TCP-IP connection, as well as instrument-software generated files.

  • Data parsing
  • Integration of MOA (Method of Analysis) and STP (Standard Test Procedure)
  • Test-driven calculations
  • Enhancement of standardization in lab processes
  • Accelerated sample turnaround time
  • Delivery of faster and more authentic results
  • Adherence to compliance requirements
  • User-designed lab sheets (spreadsheets) for data display
  • Storage of raw data and relevant metadata
  • Improved laboratory and enterprise efficiency
  • Elimination of manual entry errors
  • Secure transfer of results to the O-Link database

Instrument and System Integrations

Rather than inputting laboratory results into LIMS manually, you can set up a configuration that allows for seamless communication between laboratory instruments and LIMS, reducing the need for manual input. The O-LINK server serves as a platform-agnostic integration tool that has already demonstrated its effectiveness in connecting various types of laboratory instruments, such as spectrophotometers, to retrieve results successfully.

  • O-Link Server / ELN
  • Fully Integrated Application for Sample Management Workflow
  • Strong Emphasis on Data Integrity and Compliance
  • Robust Interface for External Data Management in O-Link Database

O-LINK Connect can be used also to communicate with machines with comm. ports, other systems and databases.

  • O-LINK Connect supports various instruments, with connections based on
    • Basic instruments for analyzing unidentified samples, including:
      • Balances
      • pH-meters
    • Communication instruments like CDS with one-way communication, providing data including:
      • Sample ID
      • Test ID
      • Results
    • Possibility to incorporate complex and specialized instruments through new method development.
  • O-LINK Connect supports connections based on
    • File transfer
    • Serial port
    • TCP/IP (client and server) communication

The O-LINK server offers flexibility in its installation, allowing it to be set up either on a dedicated server or alongside the LIMS system. It provides web-based administration for convenient management, independent user control, and can be configured to seamlessly operate in the background. It interfaces with LIMS at multiple integration points to efficiently transmit instrument data. When results are received, they are instantly and automatically posted to the LIMS system in real-time, requiring no user intervention.

Standard Features

  • Oasis LIMS, eBR, MES, LES Systems Integration: Seamless integration with Oasis LIMS, eBR, MES, and LES systems.
  • On-line Data Transfers: Real-time data transfers to Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Electronic Workflow Systems (EWS).
  • Sample Tracking System: User-friendly sample tracking system for instant sample result retrieval.
  • Barcode Integration: Integration for barcode generation and label printing.
  • User-Defined Test Methods: Excel-like functionality for custom test methods, calculations, and result transfers.
  • Custom Instruments Integration: Integration of specially designed instruments.
  • Dashboard and Notifications: Interactive dashboard with email and SMS integration for notifications, alerts, and reminders.

O-Link Server, integrates shop-floor automation equipments with Oasis-eBR

Oasis-eBR effortlessly extracts data from weighing/dispensing machines, seamlessly interfaces with current PLCs and various control systems and equipment via tailored integration, and then inputs this information into batch records. This streamlined process not only conserves valuable time but also guarantees meticulous data entry.

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