Bioassay Analysis Software

Bioassay Analysis Software

Based on US Pharmacopoeia chapters 111, 1033, 1034 and 81 (2010) and European Pharmacopoeia (1997-2017)

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What is Bioassay?

Biological assay, or  bioassay in short, is a biochemical test that uses statistical methods to determine the concentration or potency of a substance by its effect on biological organisms. The need for this method arises in cases where effect of a drug or a substance cannot be assessed by chemical or physical analysis. Generally the potency of one or more test preparations is determined by comparison to a standard preparation.

Methods & Models available in Bioassay module

Bioassay analysis module supports potency calculations employing:

  • Parallel line method
  • Slope ratio method
  • Quantal response method
  • Four-Parameter Logistic Model
  • Specific Assays