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Top Statistical Softwares

We, Factonity Systems Pvt Ltd, deal with multiple popular statistical software in the industry. Apart from providing licensing options, we also help our clients with installation, implementation, consulting and trainings. Currently we deal with the following statistical softwares:

SPSS Family of products

SPSS was acquired by IBM. It is one of the most popular statistical software in the market. SPSS is popular in academia, research institutions, market research, sociology, and advanced analytics when "hypothesis discovery" is a requirement. SPSS Statistics is the flagship product in the family of SPSS products, however there are other complimentary products like SPSS Amos, Predictive modeller, Analytics server and Predictive analytics enterprise. SPSS seems to be pushing customers from perpetual version to the subscription based options by offering modularity through add-on packages that customers can chose from.

Minitab Statistical Software

Minitab Statistical software is popular with Lean Six Sigma practitioners, Manufacturing, retail and Pharma industries. Currently Minitab statistical software is available as named subscription model only. As of June 2022, Minitab has discontinued its perpetual license model and multi-user network licenses.

Unistat Statistical Software

Unistat is an economical statistical package. Apart from an impressive list of statistical tools commonly found in leaders like SPSS & Minitab, Unistat has made its place in the market for its Bio Assay module, used by researchers / biologist / companies working on bio-technology and life sciences. It comes as a standalone software as well as Microsoft Excel add-on.

SigmaXL Excel add-on

SigmaXL is an easy to use Microsoft Excel add-on for common statistical functions used in lean six sigma and general statistical analysis in academia, industry and research. Because it integrates well with Microsoft excel, its easily accessible when you need to do a statistical analysis.